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If you are calling ConTemporaries for the first time the first thing you will notice is the smiling voice on our end of the telephone. The number one thing ConTemporaries is repeatedly commended for is our customer service. We have a small office with a friendly knowledgeable staff. Each person has an area of specialty, for example, payroll, recruiting, marketing, etc. however, each person is also trained in all aspects of our business for optimal customer service.

All of our staff members have carefully chosen the staffing industry for their profession. Above all, we WANT to be here to help you make the best fit for your needs.


The more information you can give our staff when you call, fax or e-mail a request, the better we will be able to help you. The following is a list of the minimum information we require when placing an order.

  • Job Description - To the best of your knowledge we will need to have at least a brief description of the duties the employee will be required to perform. Nothing fancy just the basic requirements will do.
  • Start Date - when you need the employee to begin working.
  • Length of Need - approximately how long you will need the employee.
  • Job Location - where the employee be working.
  • Your name and contact information - For ease of communication between our staff and your office.
  • Miscellaneous Information - The more information we have about your need, the better employee selection we can make. If you know the specific skills required of the employee, for example computer software to be used, phone systems, math skills, specific experience etc. Please share all information you have about the position so we can choose the best employee for you.

For administrative purposes, if you have never done business with ConTemporaries, Inc. in the past we will need the following information.

1) We will require a completed Credit Application. This is a non-invasive process which simply ensures your company is in good credit standing.

2) Billing Address - where we should send our invoices and copies of employee timesheets.

3) Payment Plan - Please refer to our Payment Options to choose the easiest method for your company to work with ConTemporaries, Inc.


Immediate Answers - ConTemporaries has a 30-minute response time policy. We will let you know within 30 minutes of receiving your request what the status of your order is. Whether we have found an employee, made phones calls and are awaiting responses or simply are unable to fulfill your request, you will know in 30 minutes.

Quality Assurance - ConTemporaries guarantees we will place the most qualified employee for the job. We will only provide the highest quality employee and if that person is not available we will simply defer to one of our industry partners. An unqualified employee will never be placed.

Excellent Customer Service - From your first contact with ConTemporaries to your last you and your staff will be treated with respect and appreciation. You are our client and we want you to be satisfied and happy with our services at all times.

Fair Price - ConTemporaries is aware of the budget constraints our clients are under. For this reason we may suggest ways to help keep your costs down. Each order will be individually reviewed to find the most qualified employee at the most reasonable rate.


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